trick or treat

As is always the case, we decided to up our game a bit for the Trick or Treaters this Halloween so we built a proper haunted house walk through maze in the front garden. I doubt any of the kids got the story of a journey through an old haunted mansion, out through the graveyard, a brief encounter with the ghostly family that haunt the place, and then into the secret hidden dungeon out the back (watch out for the mad monk!), but they seemed to enjoy it anyway. Except for the kids that either ran away or burst into tears – the sign of a job well done right?.
Halloween seems to have become a bit of a thing in our town of Collier Row, with families driving from all over to wander the streets in costumes looking for the many houses that make a real effort, and even build small haunts like ours. We had over 400 kids come through our doors alone.
Now… what to do next year?

A few more photos here.

We upped our game a bit for this year’s Halloween Trick-or-Treaters. We put a canopy over the whole front garden which allowed us to create a spookier atmosphere with some new lighting and projection effects, added a load of new props and Dad parked the car on a Zombie.
People seemed to be really getting into it this year with packs of kids roaming the streets all in great costumes and lots of other houses in the neighbourhood putting on little haunts and effects. It actually felt like that scene from E.T. that I always wanted Halloween to feel like.
By counting the sweets mum gave out, we must have seen 340 kids, and at least 3 of them left in tears… our work here is done.


This Halloween we threw together a quick home haunt for the local trick or treating kids… there may have been a few nightmares.


Here’s some photos, with a few shots of the competition as well, we’re actually starting to get a little bit of a Halloween scene going on in our neighbourhood!


We put on a little haunt for the Trick or Treaters again this year, it’s a bit toned down from our normal terrorising, but y’know, not toned down too much eh. By counting the number of sweets we had left at the end of the night we must have had about 150 happy haunters.

We didn’t have much time this year for anything too elaborate to decorate the house with for the local Trick or Treaters, so we bunged up a screen and projected Mark Gervais’ excellent Hallowindow animation, put some speakers in the window, stapled up some torn up black sheets around the door and set the smoke machine to ‘auto’. Job Done. Apparently we got over 100 of the little sods turning up, and none of them tried to kill us or burn the house down, which is a sign of gratitude I guess.