Wow, our video for Fangoria 2010 got kinda popular. Mainly due to it appearing on Boing Boing but it also got picked up by a few other blogs such as The Escapist (ace write up on that one, cheers guys), Dvorak and Nerdcore. So with all this interest we thought we’d put together a page of all the stuff we’ve made from all the Fangoria shows we’ve done for the last 7 years, including lots of behind the scenes shots – and here it is:


Thanks to everyone who liked our video, we really appreciate all your comments.

Another year, another scary toilet instalation at Poke. This year we decieded to hit every toilet at once so there was no where to hide. Each loo is themed on a famous horror movie. Some are more subtle than others, but all are enough to make you mess your slacks. Lucky you’re already in the toilet. Guess the themes! (or just look at the files names)


Well this blog post is really really late, but anyway: This Halloween, we didn’t do a party, but we did haunt the toilets at Poke. A 3 day residency in the toilet at work is a strange thing to do, and a bit tricky to pull off in (nearly) complete secrecy, with a different theme each day – but it worked a treat, and we got a few screams. Here’s some photos.




Woah, it’s a bit odd to see your own work pop-up in your rss reader but that just happened. That film we helped out on a few months back, Waiting for Gorgo, with a bit of good ol’ graphic design and some set building has been getting some geeks all excited it seems.


Jas noticed it first over at io9 where they have a link to our set photos, so I did some digging. I found it menioned on a forum on which then sent me all wobbly at the knees at the sight of a link to an article on FANGORIA ONLINE.COM! Get in! There’s totally a photo of our work on Fangoria’s website – hell it might even be in print for all I know. This is probably due to the film’s writter, M J Simpson, being a regular Fangoria scribe, he’s also put up a page about the film on his site, including a link to our photos, which is smashing.


It’s all jolly exciting. Here’s a few more links to help make us feel important:


  • RoboJapan / Monster Island – I Think this guy picked it up pretty early
  • Quiet Earth – Who also have the trailer from the original movie
  • Kailuphile – A mildly excited forum where Quiet Earth seemed to have found it
  • Cinemagine – The official site run by our mate Ben Craig, who directed the film
  • Monsterverse – This mainly links to io9 but it pads out this list nicely