Santa’s Lap has pretty successful with nearly 100 served so far, it’s even made it onto the Poke blog. Here’s an update on some of the fallout:

nice mattias

pretty mattias

nice jason

naughty alex

roope groom

naughty liam

This year, for Christmas, Stuff Club made a Naughty or Nice detector. It works by re-creating the special magical sensors Santa has in his lap which tells him if the children in his groto deserve a lovely gift or a piece of coal. In our version we’ve stripped it down to just a massive over-sized lap (to help create that terror you felt as a child), which deals out a reward or a punishment and sends that result, plus a photo, to for all to see.

This is all made possible by some back-end cleverness by Mattias Gunnerås, some Arduino tinkering by Tracy Tsang, and some wood cutting/screwing and painting by me, Jas, Badger and Martin Rose. It was a bit of a mammoth task as we had to get the whole thing done from scratch over the weekend so we could keep it a surprise from the rest of Poke, but we managed it – well done gang!

Here’s some construction photos (have you ever wanted to see under Santa’s trousers?).

In responce to the Ideas Brothers’ mood film I’ve made my own. It’s about that time where you sit back and wonder at the glorious ballet between the two members of the Camelid family; the Camel and the Llama, and the adventures those little tykes get up to.

You’ve all noticed the ‘OPERA HOUSE’ signs tied onto lamp posts everywhere right? no? well I first noticed them in Romford, and then on the main road to Southend, and then when I got into work they were all over London as well. What’s the deal? Are they advertising something? Are they a very elaborate signage system leading to, well, an Opera House? Or, and this is the one I think is closest to the truth, are they a race of alien invaders disguised as sign posts waiting for the signal to spring into action and murder us all, or merely enslave us in thier caverns of toil and general nasty going on? – if it the later I just want to say: I called it first.


And no, it’s not just me they’re after, a mate of mine noticed they are surrounding his office in a devilish pincer movement of doom as he shows here


If you have any information please get in contact, don’t go to the Police or the Goverment, they’re in on it for sure. Of course Google ‘knows nothing’ of this, they’re in on it too. Stay alert people.

So… The Boob grew a hot and sexy beard while we were away in the States, which he then cruelly stole away from us with a few swipes of a razor. His reasoning for this was some crap about it being uncomfortable or some shit, which of course is a small price to pay for looking hotter than a mince pie fresh from the microwave on boxing day. Now he doesn’t seem to believe me that the hotness is worth the discomfort so he needs your help. That’s right folks, you can play a part in shaping the Boob, for behold; I have prepared a simple online petition for you to express your opinion on this burning issue (of course with it being a petition and not a vote you can only record a pro-beard comment, but hey ho, that’s the right choice anyway). So for the love of Boob and all that is holy, SIGN THE PETITION (please).

So, Hallybones got an invite to the Playstation Home Beta and we didn’t. He sent us a video of him enjoying his empty Home Apartment. It was late, we were tired and very jet lagged (we’re back in the UK now), so I built a quick Snorri Cam out of a boom mike pole, a big hook I found in the garden and some wire, and attached my mobile phone to it. We then made this film to send him of us enjoying our Home. I know, like I say, we were tired.

The K-Dog’s got some sweet new sneaks. Doc Brown impression supplied by the multi talented Hallybones.

We had a bit of an issue the other day with a horde of angry Zombies in the city, we had to fight our way through the brain thirsty losers and find our way to the helipad. Which was fun. We did all this with the aid of the board game cryptically named ‘ZOMBIES!!!‘ in our garage which we themed as a zombie strong hold for the night. This is the kind of thing everyone does on a Saturday night yeah? ok, we’re cool then.

Here’s the photographic evidence