Our chum Tom Hostler was organising his mate’s stag do as a boat trip along the Thames and he asked us to put on a little surprise for the party. While they were all merrily floating along the river somewhere, me, Jas and Chris can-do Meachin built a surprise cinema and pub on the bank of the river down near Henley. When the boats arrived all was set, the playlist started with Rambo, Cannonball Run and American Werewolf in London, the pub tent (complete with antique pub sign and working optics from Tom) was flowing, and many fine steaks gave their lives gladly on the BBQ. A good (and astonishingly cold) time was had by all.


Last year we went on an American road trip (again) with a more of an outdoorsy angle. It was awesome. Starting in Colorado, then all over Wyoming, a brief dip into Idaho, then down through Utah, across Nevada and finishing up in good ol’ California. See the whole set of photos here, or scroll on down for some choice cuts.


Still want more photos? Go see the whole set.


We directed this short film back in 2008 and finished editing it in 2010. It was written by a friend of ours, Richard Johnson, and is all about what would happen if a great discovery lands in the lap of somebody who doesn’t know what to do with it. Starring another good friend of ours, the comedian, writer and actor Neil Edmond, and co-starring Rosemary Smith.


It picked up third place in The Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival 2011 (part of The Seattle International Film Festival), and the EMP Museum in Seattle are now screening the film daily on the largest indoor LED screen in America… which is kind of amazing.


We shot it in our garage with the help of many people including:

  • Colin Butler bought all his camera gear and was our director of photography
  • Paul Parsons was an extremely patient sound man (it seems a summer weekend is a popular time to get the lawnmower out)
  • Nathan McLaughlin spend an incredible amount of time and talent on the make-up for the end scene
  • Andrew Barnabas made it all sound great with his sound mixing
  • The Boob was our voice of reason during the editing


more photos here.


We made a little website to house the short films we made the other week and list all the people who helped us make them (cheers gang). We’re going to do some more, not sure what or when, but this is the place to watch:




*ahem* Konami code  ⇧⇧⇩⇩⇦⇨⇦⇨ B A ENTER *ahem*

We made this little video for the Monster Supplies Store working with excellent Terry Saunders who wrote and performed as both heads of the 2 headed presenter. It’s a short excerpt from the Monster Supplies shopping channel, viewed by many bored monster security guards working the day shift, or insomniac vampires.

Day 5 of BINGO Pictures’ Lunch Time Film Project: The Walk. For this final film we made the squeal to the first one.

Day 3 of BINGO Pictures’ Lunch Time Film Project: The End. A bit of an epic cast on this one.

Day 2 of BINGO Pictures’ Lunch Time Film Project: The Lift. Featuring Eze, Mike and lots of sticky tape.

We’ve been talking about making a short film with our mate Eze for ages, and we never get round to it. So we decided we should make a short film with Eze (and other mates) every day for a week to make up for lost time. We’ve called it the Lunch Time Films project, the first of which is The Memory. Stay tuned for even more exciting high(ish) quality productions from BINGO Pictures, every day this week.