Last year we went on an American road trip (again) with a more of an outdoorsy angle. It was awesome. Starting in Colorado, then all over Wyoming, a brief dip into Idaho, then down through Utah, across Nevada and finishing up in good ol’ California. See the whole set of photos here, or scroll on down for some choice cuts.


Still want more photos? Go see the whole set.


We went to Florida with some mates. We went to a gun range. We shot guns. Good times.

In our first time-lapse of one of American raodtrips we stuck to our guns and showed the whole thing warts (boring bits) and all. This year we deliberately shot things from different angles and at different speeds so we can make a more entertaining edit, which I think we achieved? What do you think?


This trip took 17 days and when through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and California. Stick around for the thrilling 360° finale – which is a journey to and from Disneyland, of course.

So I built a little mount thingy and used it to strap a camera (Contour+) to my knee, then walked around various places in america filming my foot. This is what it looks like:

Places featured here include Devil’s Tower, the toilets at Devil’s Tower, the wilderness near Casper in Wyoming (look out for the shot gun shell cameo!), a chuck wagon, the hotel Wild Bill Cody used to stay in Cody, Bonneville salt flats in Utah, a massive old steam train in Nevada and Lake Tahoe in California.

Hurray! We made a book of some (well, quite a lot) of our photos from our road trips across the states. It’s a bit of a precursor to the documentary film we’re still editing so we’ve given it the same name.



If you like it, you can go see the whole thing on Blurb’s site, and if you *really* like it, you can buy it from them as well.


You like aircraft right? You like lots or aircraft right? Then you’ll LOVE the aircraft boneyard we visited in Tucson, Arizona. You can get a coach tour around this massive military facility (we shot the video above through the coach window) and hear everything there is to know about the 4,400 or so planes, helicopters and missiles they have parked up there (most of which are ready to have their protective white coats stripped of and start flying and shooting things again), or like us, you can ignore most of what’s being said and take lots of photos:


To get an idea of the size of the place, check it out from God’s eye view:

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If you’re planning on taking a visit, pre-book your tour with the PIMA Air & Space Museum.


What does it look like to sit in the front of a car and drive across America in 15 minutes? A bit like this I guess.


This is a 3,920 mile road trip that takes in New York, New Jersey (via the Northlandz, world’s biggest model railway), Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia (Mark Cline, one of life’s winners), Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California (quick Disneyland stop ‘natch) and Nevada (they have guns there).


It all started with a surprise sound track on a mysterious CD found in the hire car we picked up in New York, without this I don’t think the Boob would have survived (yes the Boob did all 3,920 miles of driving, what a trooper):



We’ve got more videos to come from the trip, and photos… so many photos, I’m not sure the Internet is big enough, we might need a new one.

Mark Cline is awesome. We visited him a few years ago, when we were filming our (as yet unedited) documentury about roadside attractions, and when we found ourselves driving across the States again we had to call in and see what he’s up to. Mark runs 4 attractions in Virginia: Foam Henge (yes, life size, yes, made of foam), Professor Cline’s Monster Museum (a walk through horror maze with performances thrown in), Dinosaur Kingdom (massive dinosaurs fighting civil war soldiers in the forest) and now Hunt Big Foot with a Red Neck (new this year!). Mark built all of the attractions and, I’ll say it again, he is awesome.

Appetite for Distraction

So, we’re back in Blighty. Just spent that last 4 days tagging and titling all our photos on Flickr. I’m not going to tell you how many photos are on there, but from that 4 day time frame, you might presume there’s a lot; and you would be right. Please go have a peek. We’ve added some handy short cuts to help you find just the bit you’re looking for, so you really don’t have any excuse not to look. Still here? Go look already!

So we rented some Segways on Santa Monica beach, yeah we looked pretty sweet.