all the time in the world

We directed this short film back in 2008 and finished editing it in 2010. It was written by a friend of ours, Richard Johnson, and is all about what would happen if a great discovery lands in the lap of somebody who doesn’t know what to do with it. Starring another good friend of ours, the comedian, writer and actor Neil Edmond, and co-starring Rosemary Smith.


It picked up third place in The Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival 2011 (part of The Seattle International Film Festival), and the EMP Museum in Seattle are now screening the film daily on the largest indoor LED screen in America… which is kind of amazing.


We shot it in our garage with the help of many people including:

  • Colin Butler bought all his camera gear and was our director of photography
  • Paul Parsons was an extremely patient sound man (it seems a summer weekend is a popular time to get the lawnmower out)
  • Nathan McLaughlin spend an incredible amount of time and talent on the make-up for the end scene
  • Andrew Barnabas made it all sound great with his sound mixing
  • The Boob was our voice of reason during the editing


more photos here.


Our short film ‘All the Time in the World’ is finally (just about) finished, and we gave it’s world premier at the Pokexhibiton on Wednesday. The Exhibition is full of stuff by people who work at Poke who might not normally get to display this kind of thing. There’s work from developers, managers, directors, designers and strategists – and whadayaknow? It seems we’re all creative little makers. A real mixed bag of work as well; painting, film, embroidery, steam powered remote control tank, a wig, pop promo, animation, a tweeting typewriter… all sorts. The work will be up on display for another couple of weeks, if you’re anywhere near Poke (trendy Shoreditch) pop in for a cup of tea and a look round.

A few photos of some of the work

Pokexhibtion on the Poke blog

Now the dust has settled, the cameras have been returned, the plates have been washed up… we begin the editing. So far, all going really well. The very rough edit seems to hold together. This movie making gig is a lark. Also, it’s first real test of our new rig. It’s almost as powerful as the computer in Superman III. That glowing blue light behind G is the power supply. It’s pimp.

Well we did it, and it wasn’t that painful at all. 24 hours of shooting in 2 days, about 300 cups of tea (plus the relevant cakes) and the help of some lovely people (no, really, they were lovely) we done shot a lil’ a movie in our garage. It went pretty much to plan, with still enough room to improvise a few shots here and there.

‘Nuff respec big up shout out thanks go to the cast and crew, they really did a bang up job and bought so much more to the project. Here’s a quick name check:

  • Neil Edmond, male lead – This is the second time we’ve locked you in our garage, this time it was for 2 days, one day we’ll get you a key cut.
  • Rosemary Smith, female lead – You had to deal with between 1 and 5 directors, thank you for not hitting us.
  • Colin Butler, director of photography – man you’ve got some sweet kit.
  • Paul Parsons, sound – sorry about the flight path.
  • Nathan McLaughlin, make-up FX – dude, that looked so good.
  • Kyle, grip – I say ‘grip’ but you cheerfully did all sorts, cheers fella.

Many photos of the shoot are here