BINGO Pictures


We entered this year’s 48 Hour Film Project competition, which, as the name suggests, means you have 48 hours to make a film. To make sure there’s no head-starts we’re all given a strict briefing on the Friday night at the Prince Charles Cinema before we deliver our final films on the Sunday night. This years brief said that we needed to include the following in the film:


– a character named named Charlie Cipriani who is a minor celebrity
– some sort of cream
– a line of dialogue”Let me tell you a secret”
– a randomly assigned genre, we got Romance


We worked with Eze Asnaghi, so this is an official Bingo Pictures production! It was a very hectic 48 hours and I don’t think we’d ever have attempted a film like this without the strict brief, but we’re all really pleased with what we got. We even won an award; Best Ensemble Acting! Which is due to our great actors Gavin Lennon and Caroline Roussel-Barucco (Caroline hadn’t even met any of us until the day of the shoot, what a trooper). Lot’s more people to thank, but you’ll have to watch the film to see their names in the end credits ;-)

We made a little website to house the short films we made the other week and list all the people who helped us make them (cheers gang). We’re going to do some more, not sure what or when, but this is the place to watch:




*ahem* Konami code  ⇧⇧⇩⇩⇦⇨⇦⇨ B A ENTER *ahem*

Day 5 of BINGO Pictures’ Lunch Time Film Project: The Walk. For this final film we made the squeal to the first one.

Day 3 of BINGO Pictures’ Lunch Time Film Project: The End. A bit of an epic cast on this one.

Day 2 of BINGO Pictures’ Lunch Time Film Project: The Lift. Featuring Eze, Mike and lots of sticky tape.

We’ve been talking about making a short film with our mate Eze for ages, and we never get round to it. So we decided we should make a short film with Eze (and other mates) every day for a week to make up for lost time. We’ve called it the Lunch Time Films project, the first of which is The Memory. Stay tuned for even more exciting high(ish) quality productions from BINGO Pictures, every day this week.