When Secret Cinema recreated Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budepest Hotel inside a disused warehouse, we took care of the outside. Working with projection designer Nina Dunn, we re-created the hotel frontage from the film and projected it over the warehouse.

To bring it to life we added live action of characters in the windows, a snow storm, ZZ banners blowing in the wind and lights turning on and off in various rooms.

This frontage served as an introduction to the amazing rich world Secret Cinema had created inside the building.


Created this lovely little animation for Mozilla to show all the neat stuff you can do with Add-ons for Firefox. An honour and delight to work with the extremely talented animator and illustrator Tim Ruffle. Please note the LOLcat homage at around 00:40. We couldn’t help ourselves.

Design, animation and programming of a flash microsite that shows how you can add value to your house by installing energy saving measures.

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Animated trailer and banner campaign for a consumer discussion site for The Coca-Cola Company. Animation, design and programming.

To promote Orange Broadband, we devised the ‘No Tricks Only Treats’ campaign to highlight Orange’s customer services and lack of dodgy small print. We made a couple of flash games to help illustrate the campaign that were used on a microsite as well as being featured quite often on YouTube’s homepage masthead. The brilliant animation is courtesy of Julian Frost.


The concept of both games is to play the same game as 2 characters, one of them an Orange Broadband customer, the other poor soul has shopped elsewhere. Of course the Orange customer has a much easier experience, whilst the other little laptop guy has to put up with all manner of tricks from his ISP. At the end, we also had some time to get boosting services from

The Science Museum commissioned us to create a series of interactive animations to guide visitors though the very complex inner working of all their steam engine. These were installed as kiosks throughout the new Engine Hall at the museum.

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We created the brand and website for Dave, who prints T-shirts. A lovely fella.


  • Creative Review Annual 2003 – featured