A steam-punk styled adventure through time in the Fangorium. With 18 months of building and preparation it was by far our most ambitious show to date. When you pick a theme like steam-punk you can’t do half measures. This has enjoyed some massive Internet fame when Cory Doctorow called it “jaw-dropping awesomesauceular” on Boing Boing, which was of course totally awesome.

As an added bonus this year we’ve made a behind the scenes video, we’ve called The Engineers’ View. It’s a complicated beast to watch, but I guess that’s kind of the point… good luck.

Here’s the invite video:


…and some photos (more here):


…or check out all the behind the scenes production photos – here’s a few now:

We gave in to our inner geek, and themed this show on sci-fi. Managed to transport large groups of people from a small kitchen, into a large alien space craft. Then mess with them for a bit. Electric shocks were involved.


Here’s the invite:


Photos of the show:


A bit of behind the scenes magic:



Production photos:



View photos of the Party.


And the Boober real…


Become initiated into this surreal club. We managed to engineer some special helmets which no only allowed people to see strange symbols in the pitch dark but swap the vision of the two people wearing the helmets, making walking down a simple corridor quite a strange and difficult experience. This one didn’t turn out to be quite so much fun as other shows, but what the hell, we enjoyed ourselves.


Here’s the invite (which we built a camera crane for):


and a few photos:

Here’s some more photos of the show, some production photos and some from the party.


Roll up roll up, fun times for all (except one) with a hall of mirrors and a chainsaw. Secret doors, moving walls, changing lights and dropping curtains made this corridor system appear to go on forever.


Here’s the invite:


…and some photos:



more photos here.

Who’d have thought performing a devil summoning ritual would cause so much trouble? Go figure.



The show involved some pretty manual special effects, and kinda complicated timings:

more photos here

Our humble beginnings. Sometimes you just need a drill with a chunk of metal jammed in the chuck, in a metal box, rigged to a switch…. and you’re done. We also had a dead body dummy hanging from a ceiling and a thrilling finale involving a bucket and a skull, this video doesn’t quite show it up. People screamed and laughed, which all you can ask for really.