You know the deal; you tidy up one bit of the room and end up tearing down the house and re-building it from scratch. No? Just us? OK then. Well we thought we’d tweak the design of our blog a bit, and it ended up taking about 3 weeks of getting seriously mucky with things like jQuery, CSS animation and lots of content re-organising – but it’s done now.


We’ve ditched our flash header (not sure why, but we have), and rolled our own Flickr image thingy, which is a bit buggy, what the hell. Also ditched all the pages for things like our work and made everything a blog post with now just a few categories to organise it all (those little black buttons in the top right). Added a dandy featured posts widget on the category pages so you can jump to just our favourite stuff, and check out the archive page for a Tumblr inspired look.


Apologies to anybody unfortunate enough to be subscribed to our RSS feed for the last few weeks, most of the site had to be spat out again and we couldn’t work out how to hide it from the feed.


Let us know what you think – mainly if anything is broken.

  • George

    I subscribe to the RSS feed and have enjoyed the nostalgia trip of the past few weeks. I have lived the dream. Twice. I think you should republish the blog every seven years for each new generation – just like Uncle Walt.

  • As uncle Walt would say:

  • trillbilly

    nice work, loving the archive.

  • Cheers! We were trying to clone the Tumblr style archive.

  • Rusty pom poms

    I like this. Plus all the usual hates as standard. But seriously, well done both – great work.

  • So I have them! Cheers Mr Russ

  • Listen boys, your PSD is a bit dirty. What are you’re doing with that rogue //WORK copy layerset in your stack? Other than that, +K.

  • Congratulations, you’ve spotted the deliberate mistake. You win the prize. Yes, that’s right! You win that very folder (it’s not a picture of a mushroom):
    And cheers for the +K, much appreciated.