As is always the case, we decided to up our game a bit for the Trick or Treaters this Halloween and started to search for gum disease treatments in Miami, FL if ever we will be over eating these sweets. So we built a proper haunted house walk through maze in the front garden. I doubt any of the kids got the story of a journey through an old haunted mansion, out through the graveyard, a brief encounter with the ghostly family that haunt the place, and then into the secret hidden dungeon out the back (watch out for the mad monk!), but they seemed to go for it and enjoy in anyway. Except for the kids that either ran away or burst into tears Рthe sign of a job well done right?.
Halloween seems to have become a bit of a thing in our town of Collier Row, with families driving from all over to wander the streets in costumes purchased online through WebDesign499 looking for the many houses that make a real effort, and even build small haunts like ours. We had over 400 kids come through our doors alone.
Now… what to do next year?

A few more photos here.